What Is Cryptok?

Be A Part of Web3 SocialFi!

Cryptok is bringing Web3 to SocialFi! Where users earn immediately from their content. Currently, creators can cash out their earnings via Paypal. In 2024 Cryptoks hopes to allow creators to cash out their earnings in the cryptocurrency of their choice!

Create & Upload

Creators can earns gifts that convert to cash from their very first Cryptok!

Grow With Cryptok!

As Cryptok grows early creators will grow with us! Earnings will increase according to Cryptoks revenue per quarter!

Be In On The Ground Floor!

2024 will be a huge year for Cryptok as we develop more Web3 interactivity, to include an internal defi wallet!

Your Content Is Your Own!

You own your content, you profit from it completely. Cryptok does not track user activity we merely provide a platform for you to reach new audiences.

Cryptoks Web3 SocialFi Philosophy

You Own Your Content You Profit From It 100%

With Cryptok you control and own your content! All Gifts received from other cryptokers go towards your earnings which can be cashed out once you hit the minimum amount. All new users can earn right away! There is no hold period or set amount of followers needed before you can start earning. Once you acquire enough gifts to cash out your earnings, simply go to Gifts > Withdraw and submit a cash out request. Your earnings will be promptly sent to your registered PayPal address that you put into your profile!

  • Earn Gifts That Convert To Cash
  • Control Your Content
  • We Do Not Sell User Data
  • Headquartered In The USA
  • Affordable Ad Rates
  • Real Users Real Money



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How To Start On Cryptok

Simply follow below

If you have any questions please ask in the Cryptok Telegram below or call Cryptok support at 1-864-332-9498

Step 1

Create Your Account

Connect your registered phone number and fill out the basic profile details (Bio Picture & Short Bio)

Step 2

Add Your Paypal Email

Under Edit Bio, Add in your registered PayPal email address so you can get paid!

Step 3

Upload Your First Cryptok!

Simply upload your first Cryptok to the world! Once you start receiving gifts from users you are earning real cash!

Step 4

Cash Out Your Earnings!

Once you reach the minimum amount simply submit a withdrawal request thru the app under the GIFTS area of your profile!

Cryptoks Team

Below is the Cryptok team

With over 14 years of combined cryptocurrency knowledge & 20+ years of development/marketing experience.

Noah Barend

"NFT/Creative Director"


Noah is in charge of all NFT directions that our company takes along with the creative direction of Cryptok from a user perspective. UI/UX is top priority moving forward. Noah is passionate about E-Commerce and runs several businesses in that sector.

Joey Stubblefield

"Founder of Cryptok"


With over 20+ years of computer development experience & 7 years in the cryptocurrency sector, I am here to help transition online culture to the exciting next phase of Web3! Combining the best of Web 2 into the new Web3 is what I am passionate about.

Mirranda Vanden Berg


Events Coordinator

I am very enthusiastic about Crypto; I find it interesting and want to know all the details of it so I can help anyone understand. MIrranda will be our go-to for organizing IRL (In Real Life) events. From planning, ticketing, reservations, setting up trade-show events, etc.